I Tell Stories

Stories move people to action in a way that no other tool can. I have a passion for making complex medical, technical and career branding information understandable. I tell the stories of knowledge experts such as key opinion-leading physicians, top-level scientists, chief engineers, or senior executives.

Your story deserves to be told — and it cannot be told without your storehouse of knowledge. 

But Information Is Not The Story

But while highly technical knowledge and data are essential to the telling of your story, they are not sufficient.

The story requires more.

It requires key messages.

It requires an audience.

It requires a bridge of empathy to the audience.

It requires an understanding of why it matters.

It requires a story teller who can understand — and cut through — technical terms and jargon.

It requires a story teller who understands and can play equally well in the left brain and right brain playgrounds.

Few knowledge experts are good story tellers.

They may be unable to bridge the knowledge gap to engage the audience. Or, in the case of someone seeking personal branding assistance, they may be loath to brag.

I Am The Bridge

It takes a bridge — or perhaps a bit of magic — to communicate your highly technical content to a non-technical audience.

I can be that bridge for you.

I bond with knowledge experts. I value your expertise and passion. I revel in learning from you. Armed with my own rigorous preparation and practiced listening skills, I can understand the knowledge you wish to impart.

I advocate for those who will hear/read your story. I start the story from a point of common understanding and build from there.

When I’ve done my job, it’s gratifying to hear you say, “That’s just what I would have said — if I could have,” or “Wow, I sound so good that I would hire me.”

I Know The Form

I use my deep knowledge of various writing formats and styles to select the right one for the situation.

I Bring Passion

I invite both my left brain and my right brain to come out to play, in service of your story. I bring my expertise, my experience, my passion.

Do You Have A Technical Story That Needs To Be Told?

I tell stories. It is my passion to help corporations and individuals tell their stories. My writing makes complex information understandable.